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Plasmacluster Ions are safe: they're the same kind of positive and negative ions that exist in nature
Sharp knows how Plasmacluster Ions work. And since they're the same kind of positive and negative ions that exist in nature, we also know that they're safe.
1 Natural ions   3 Proven safe
Plasmacluster Ions are the same kind of ions that exist in nature.   GLP*-compliant test facilities have compiled highly reliable safety data on Plasmacluster technology.
2 How Plasmacluster Ions work
(Professor Gerhard Artmann, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
It has been shown that Plasmacluster Ions react with the protein on the surface of airborne microbe and viruses yet do not affect the internal cells.
The higher the Plasmacluster density,
the greater the effectiveness
Because high-density ions have been proven safe, they can be used around people. And in high densities, Plasmacluster Ions show even greater effectiveness*.
* Proven for airborne viruses, allergens, adhering mold, and adhering odors.
Purpose Test Ion densities
Skin irritancy Skin irritation /corrosion test Approx. 1,000,000 ions/cm3
Eye irritancy Eye irritation /corrosion test Approx. 13,000,000 ions/cm3
Gene toxicity Inhalation toxicity test (lung tissue genetic impact assessment) Approx. 7,000,000 ions/cm3
Tested by: Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation
* GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) is a system of management controls for test facilities and test procedures. GLP was designed to ensure the reliability of chemical safety assessment tests.
How Plasmacluster fight germs
Plasmacluster Ion Generator Products  
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